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 Research Trainee Database


Welcome to our Trainee Database.  This tool was created to assist our current trainees in collaborating with one another and to allow prospective trainees to examine our varied and impressive cohort of young scientists.

Below are all of our team members. If you're looking for someone by speciality, click here to search the list.




Aishwarya Devaraj, Ph.D.Microbial PathogenesisSteven Goodman, PhD
Aishwarya Griselda JacobChildhood CancerDawn Chandler, PhD
Aleya DhanjiMathematical MedicineJayajit Das, PhD
Arielle SheftallInnovation In Pediatric PracticeJeff Bridge, PhD
Ashley CarpenterMolecular & Human GeneticsKirk McHugh, PhD
Bartholomew J. Naughton IV, Ph.D.Gene Therapy
Carlee SchaeferGene TherapyScott Harper, PhD
Cristina Capella-Gonzalez, Ph.D.Vaccine & ImmunityMark Peeples, PhD
Daniel Forrest Comiskey, JrChildhood CancerDawn Chandler, PhD
Dmitry Lyalin, Ph.D.Childhood CancerPeter Houghton, PhD
Frank Robledo-AvilaMicrobial PathogenesisSantiago Partida-Sanchez, PhD
Hemant Kumar Bid, Ph.D.Childhood CancerPeter Houghton, PhD
Honggang Yi, M.D.,Ph.D.Injury Research & Policy
Jacque CorryVaccine & ImmunityMark Peeples, PhD
Jennifer BosseMolecular & Human GeneticsHeithem El-Hodiri, PhD
Jeremy BaetenCardiovascular & Pulmonary ResearchBrenda Lilly, PhD
Jocelyn O. Eidahl, Ph.D.Gene TherapyScott Harper, PhD
Juan de Dios Ruiz-RosadoMicrobial PathogenesisSantiago Partida-Sanchez, PhD
Kimberly Walters, Ph.D.Mathematical MedicineVeronica Vieland, PhD
Kristen Robinson, Ph.D.Biobehavioral HealthKeith Yeates, PhD
Lindsay Wallace, Ph.D.Gene TherapyScott Harper, PhD
Lindsey AstiInnovation In Pediatric PracticeKelly Kelleher, MD, MPH
Lindsey MillerCardiovascular & Pulmonary ResearchJoy Lincoln, PhD
Lyn Miller Wancket, DVMPerinatal ResearchYusen Liu, PhD
Maren Cam, Ph.D.Childhood CancerHakan Cam, PhD
Mehmet Yalvac, Ph.D.Gene TherapyJerry Mendell, MD
Nicolas M. Suarez, Ph.D.Vaccine & ImmunityOctavio Ramilo, MD
Nicolas Wein, Ph.D.Gene TherapyKevin Flanigan, MD
Ning ZhaoCardiovascular & Pulmonary ResearchBrenda Lilly, PhD
Nizar Saad, Ph.D.Gene TherapyScott Harper, PhD
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